Fiber, textile and related tutorials online

If you've created a helpful online tutorial related to embroidery or any kind of needlework, or to textiles and the fiber arts, and you'd like for it to be listed here, please leave a comment below the list, following these guidelines:


  • Tutorials must be related to textile arts in some way.
  • They must be free.
  • They must be available on the open web - no sign ups required, no email address submissions and so forth in order to read it.
  • Fully functioning tutorials only, please - make sure all links and images are current & working.
  • Give the direct link to the tutorial, not to the website's home page.
  • In the comment section, describe your tutorial briefly and categorize it according to the main headings below. If you can't find a category, suggest one.
  • As tutorials are added to the list, they will be removed from the comments.


TUTORIALS - Categories

  • Embroidery Stitches (& Related) Tutorials
  • Specific Needlework Techniques
    • Brazilian Embroidery
    • Crazy Quilting / Art Quilting
    • Drawn / Pulled Thread Work
    • Embroidery (Surface)
    • Hardanger
    • Needlepoint / Canvas Work & Petit Point
    • Silk Ribbon Embroidery
    • Stumpwork & Dimensional Embroidery
  • Lace & Related
    • Needle Lace
    • Other Lace
  • Preliminary Project Preparation Tutorials
  • Tutorials Especially for Beginners
  • Tutorials for Complete Finished  Objects
  • Tutorials for Finishing
  • Dyeing & Thread and Fabric Treatment
  • Felt & Felting
  • Tutorials for Embellishments
  • Knitting & Crochet Tutorials
  • Machine Embroidery (& Related) Tutorials
  • Miscellaneous Needlework / Textile Tutorials


TUTORIALS - Complete List 


How-To Videos for Hand Embroidery & Alphabetical Stitch Dictionary  - by Mary Corbet

Alternating Stem Stitch -  by Annett

Backstitch vs. Split Backstitch - by Mary Corbet

Beaded Palestrina Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Bonnet stitch - by Annett

Bullion Rose Bud - by Mary Corbet

Buttonholed Chain Stitch Scallops - by Mary Corbet

Cable chain stitch: How to continue with a new thread - by Annett

Casalguidi - by Mary Corbet

Chemanthy Work - by Deepa

Coil Stitch - by Annett

Coral Stitch - by Ann Bernard

Crossed up and down buttonhole stitch by Annett

Diagonally Striped Raised Band - by Mary Corbet

Easy Casalguidi Foundation Stitches - by Annett

French Knot tutorial - by Raji Saj

French Knot vs. Colonial Knot - by Mary Corbet

Gopuram Stitch - by Ms Sharma 

Hemstitch - by Mary Corbet

How to do Sashiko Stitching - by Susan 

How to Make half buttonhole wheels without marking the fabric - by Annet

Interlaced Herringbone Band - by Mary Corbet

Isolated French Knots - part 1 - by Mary Corbet

Isolated French Knots - part 2 - by Mary Corbet

Joining Chain Stitch on a Circle - by Mary Corbet

Kamal Kadai work - by Raji Saj 

Long & Short Stitch Shading - by Mary Corbet

Portuguese Stem Stitch Corner  - by Annet

Raised buttonhole bar tutorial - by Annet 

Raised Stem Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Satin Stitch Around a Tight Curve - by Mary Corbet

Satin Stitch: Outlining and Padding before Stitching - by Mary Corbet

Satin Stitch - Padded & Shaded - by Ann Bernard

Shisha work tutorial -  by Sharma 

Shisha Stitch without Mirrors - by Mary Corbet

Siennese stitch variation  - by Annett

Square knot drizzle stitch - by Annett

Stacked chain stitch - by Annett 

Star Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Stem Stitch Circles - by Mary Corbet

Stem Stitch Corners - by Mary Corbet

Stem Stitch vs Outline Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Trellis Stitch Family - by Sue Jones

Triangle Stitch  - by Annet 

Twisted Lattice Band - by Annet

Whipped Backstitch & Running Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Woven crossed buttonhole -  by Annett

Woven Herringbone Stitches in a Row - by Annett

Woven and whipped wheel with an even number of spokes - by Annet



-- Brazilian Embroidery

Prepping Threads for Use in Brazilian Embroidery - by Margo Brooks


-- Crazy Quilting / Art Quilting

Art Quilting 101 is a series of 4 tutorials written  by Pam Kellogg:

Art Quilting 101 Tutorial Part 1- Supply List

Art Quilting 101 Tutorial Part 2- Layering The Background

Art Quilting 101 Tutorial Part 3 - Embellishing

Art Quilting 101 Tutorial Part 4 - Finishing 

Assembling a Crazy quilt by Sharon B:

Assembling a crazy quilt part 1 trimming the blocks, joining and a construction technique that means  the seams sit flat. 

Assembling a crazy quilt part 2 Working in Sections

Assembling a crazy quilt part 3 Tying the quilt sandwich no stitches visible from the front and adding a border

Assembling a crazy quilt part 4  Adding a false back

Assembling a crazy quilt part 5 Catching the false back and binding.

How to Assemble a Crazyquilt  is a series of 7 tutorials written by Pam Kellogg:

Step 1 How To Assemble A Crazyquilt

Step 2 How To Assemble A Crazy Quilt

Step 3 and 4 How To Assemble A Crazyquilt

Step 5 and 6 How To Assemble A Crazyquilt

Step 7  How To Assemble A Crazyquilt 

Constructing a CQ Block from the centre out - by Diane in Ontario 

Creating A Heart how to make a crazy quilt heart - by Debbie

How To Clean Non-Washable Quilts - by Pam Kellogg 

How to Make an 'In Box' -  by Susan Lenz

Pam's Peacock Tutorial for Crazy Quilting - by Pam Kellogg 


-- Drawn / Pulled Thread Work

Pulled Thread Tutorial: a sampler for pulled thread embroidery  - by Lorelei Halley

Pulled Thread Tutorial 2  - by Lorelei Halley

Hemstitch - by Mary Corbet

Securing Edges for Drawn Thread Embroidery - Reweaving drawn threads - by Mary Corbet

Securing Edges for Drawn Thread Embroidery - satin stitch bars - by Mary Corbet

Diamond Stitch in Drawn Thread Embroidery - by Mary Corbet

Chain Loop Bunches in Drawn Thread Embroidery - by Mary Corbet


-- Embroidery (Surface)

Roses with stem stitch and chain stitch  - by Deepa 

Stitching With Kreinik Blending Filament - by Pam Kellogg

Tiny daisies - by Deepa 

Woven Trellis Pumpkin  - by Annett 

Embroidering Thick Stems / Branches using Whipped Chain Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Cast-on Stitch Rose - by Mary Corbet

Simple Cast-On Stitch Flower - by Mary Corbet

Leaf Tutorial - by Christina Richards

Ombre Embroidery Sampler - by Jessica M


-- Hardanger

Hardanger Fillings  - by Lorelei Halley

Hardanger Tutorial. how to use basting lines to help you count - by Lorelei Halley

Starting a new thread in needleweaving - by Sibille 


-- Needlepoint / Canvas Work and Petit Point

How To Shade Needlepoint - by Brenda Stimpson

Mounting silk gauze in a card mount - by Janet Granger

Needlepoint Couching -  by Brenda Stimpson

Needlepoint Stitches - by Janet Granger


-- Silk Ribbon Embroidery

How to stitch a silk ribbon Farago Rose - by Sharon B

Lucy's Rose - by Shirley B

Simple Ribbon Flowers - by Elizabeth Braun


-- Stumpwork & Dimensional Embroidery

Assembling a wired stumpwork flower -  by Elizabeth Braun

How to create a slip for raised embroidery -  by Jules Woolford 

Embroidery Slips Tutorial - by Emily

How to use a half cone stick to make foxglove flowers in raised work - by Janet Granger

Intro to Stumpwork and Ribbon Embroidery - by Elizabeth Braun

Stumpwork beaded berry on a slip - by Elizabeth Braun

Stumpwork Beetle -  by Elizabeth Braun

Stumpwork Ladybird -  by Elizabeth Braun

Stumpwork Flower - by Emily

Stumpwork Snail - by Emily

Wired Needlelace elements for Stumpwork - by Elizabeth Braun

Simple Cast-on Stitch Flower - by Mary Corbet

Casalguidi - by Mary Corbet

Raised Stem Stitch - by Mary Corbet

Wired Fabric Elements for Stumpwork - by Elizabeth Braun

Fluffy Bits for Stumpwork - by Elizabeth Braun

Raised Bluebell Flower with Turned-back Petals - by Janet Granger



-- Needle Lace

Needlelace Tutorial: a basic bookmark - by Lorelei Halley

Needlelace Tutorial 2: a basic leaf  - by Lorelei Halley

-- Other Lace

Bobbin Lace for Beginners - by Lorelei Halley



Embroidery Design Transfer Methods - a whole list of methods with various links - by Mary Corbet

Dressing a Slate Frame - by Mary Corbet

Using a Stretcher Bar Frame - by Mary Corbet

Transferring a Repeat Pattern (iron on) - by Mary Corbet

Transferring a Design using Tissue Paper & Tacking Stitches - by Mary Corbet

Prick and Pounce Transfer Method - by Mary Corbet

Preparing Linen for Embroidery - by Mary Corbet

Braided Thread Tutorial - how to keep floss tangle free - by Faith of Airy Nothing.

How to transfer a design to fabric - by Paula Marcondes (Italian)

How to Transfer Embroidery Patterns  - by Sharon B

Protecting Your Embroidery - by Ann Bernard

Tips for fitting fabric into hoops -  by Janet M. Davies

Transferring Embroidery Patterns - by Emily

Using Solvy to Transfer Embroidery Designs - part 1 - by Mary Corbet

Using Solvy to Transfer Embroidery Designs - part 2 - by Mary Corbet

Xylene photo transfers for fabric -  by Susan Lenz 



Starting and Ending Threads - by Mary Corbet

Neatening the Edge of Fabric before Stitching - by Mary Corbet

Braided Thread Tutorial - how to keep floss tangle free - by Faith

Choosing Embroidery Stitches - by Emily

Cutting small pieces of felt accurately - by Emily

Getting started with embroidery - by Emily

How to Transfer Embroidery Patterns  - by Sharon B

Tips for fitting fabric into hoops -  by Janet M. Davies

Transferring Embroidery Patterns - by Emily

Equally Spacing Spokes & Petals - by Mary Corbet



A basic needle case -  by Connie Eyberg.

A Cuff Bracelet -  by Debbie

Autumn Toadstool card - using  crayon/coloured pencils - by Jules Woolford

Brooch featuring a vintage themed printout - by La Feé Faribole

Cuff Bracelet with Flying Heart Motif - by Janet Granger

Drawstring Bag - by Emily

Felt House Ornament - by Emily

How to make a felt ball decoration - by Grace Lister

Knitting Caddy pattern - by Judith  Helms

Magnetic Ladybird Needlekeeper  - by Jules Woolford

Make a heart hanger with a neat back seam closure  - by Melanie Jarrett

Pillow Ornament - by Emily

Sew an ID tag to use on your luggage - by Guila Greer

Stranded Knitting bag pattern - by Judith Helms (pdf file)

Tag Tutorial - by Connie Eyberg

How to Make a Simple Needle Roll from Felt - by Mary Corbet 

Macaroon Purse (tiny zip purse) - by Susan

Plastic Canvas Boxes (with 2 patterns) - by Sue Jones 



Biscornu Instructions - by Emily

Bottle Cap Ornaments - by Emily

Cellphone Pouch Finishing - by Pam Kellogg 

Couched ATC Edge - by Annett

Flat Ornament Tutorial - by Emily

How to add lining to a simple bag in 10 easy steps -  by Connie Eyberg

How To Clean Non-Washable Quilts - by Pam Kellogg 

How to make Tassels - by Judy Chen

How To Wash Vintage and Antique Lace - by Pam Kellogg

Making Triangular Boxes - by Grace Lister

Quaint Twiggy Frame instructions  - by Deborah A. Dick

Damp Stretching / Blocking Embroidery - by Mary Corbet

Ironing Finished Embroidery - by Mary Corbet

How to Frame a Piece of Finished Embroidery - by Mary Corbet



Ai Painting Tutorial - by Neki Rivera 

Dyeing protein fibres with food colouring in the microwave - by Jules Woolford 

Dying Silk Ribbons with RIT Brand Dye - by Pam Kellogg

How to use transfer dyes to print on synthetic fabric  - by Sharon B

Paper Bag Printing - how to print fabric using paper bags - by Grace Lister

Skeining and tying off threads to dye by Sharon B

Xylene photo transfers for fabric -  by Susan Lenz

How to Watercolour Fabric - by Christina Richards



Cutting small pieces of felt accurately - by Emily

Make a felting machine from a sewing machine - by Mosaic Magpie



A tutorial on how to make Ric-rac Roses  - by Sharon B

Bead & Button Spider tutorial - by Pam Kellogg

Beaded 3D Pear Charm -  by Christine Lim.

Embroidered Spider Web Tutorial - by Pam Kellogg

Fabric Puff Tutorial -  by Janet M. Davies

Glittered Fabric Leaves Tutorial - by Pam Kellogg 

Glittered Pumpkins and Pumpkin Biscornu Designs -  by Pam Kellogg

How To Make Button Clusters - by Pam Kellogg

How to make a Five point ribbon flower - by Sharon B

How to make Tassels - by Judy Chen

Laidwork foundation  - by Annett

Making woodburned beads A 2-part tutorial  - by Jeanne-Marie Mellor

Pam's Twist and Tack Silk Ribbon Rose - by Pam Kellogg

Sequin flower - by Diane in Ontario

Sequin Flower - by Michele English

Spiders Webs with Kreinik Blending Filament - by Pam Kellog

Embroidering Trees with Silk Gimp - part 1 - by Mary Corbet

Embroidery Trees with Silk Gimp - part 2 - by Mary Corbet

How to Embroidery Perfect Stars (or Snowflakes) - by Mary Corbet

Cast-on Stitch Rose - by Mary Corbet

Inside-Out Buttonhole Flowers - by Mary Corbet

Dragonfly Tutorial - by Christina Richards

How to Make a Pouf Button - by Susie



Crochet Scrumble - Bobble Top Pattern - by Cy

Crochet Scrumble - Fluffy Ring Pattern - by Cy

Floating Chains - by Idaho Stix and Strings

How to Block A Crocheted Doily - by Pam Kellogg

3-D Knitted Butterfly - by Judith Helms



Yarn & Thread Scarf on a Long Arm machine - by Vivian



Crayon Tinting - by Pam Kellogg

Pebble Adventure photo tutorial - by Mosaic Magpie

Photographing Needlework - by Jonni

Small looms and Flower looms - by Sarah Bradberry

Taking Flowers Off Of An Old Hat - by Pam Kellogg

Embroidery on Eggs - by Mary Corbet

Designing your own Embroidered Card pattern - by Mary Corbet

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Comment by Carol Daisy on August 1, 2016 at 4:44

Live has been a little hectic of late but thankfully I can now get back to my

love of SRE and Crazy Quilting.   I have just built a new website, and am looking forward

to the future.

Comment by Carol Daisy on August 1, 2016 at 4:43
Comment by Pallavi Ashish on February 23, 2016 at 2:52

this of kind tassels had seen in an antique textile piece, don't remember which but never got out of my head so had to create a tutoria

tutorial of making tassel from fabric stash

Comment by Caroline@TheNobleThread on November 4, 2015 at 22:40

I just created a video tutorial on creating a seed stitch gradient leaf. The tutorial is available on You tube. I would put it under the stitches category.

Comment by Marie brunton on February 13, 2015 at 2:57
What a fabulous resource. Thank you all the generous people who hae contributed. As a new member of this forum it is certainly a gem.
Comment by Carol Viens on January 25, 2015 at 6:22
Wow!! Thank you everyone for these tutorials! There are many things here that I have wanted to attempt and haven't because written instructions sometimes are confusing. So thanks in advance for your help!
Comment by Flora Coulson on January 18, 2015 at 22:29

This site is sooo helpful, I hope I can contribute in the future.

Comment by Sue Ann Ames on January 18, 2015 at 13:24
I was just taking a look at all that is offered on this site and I'm awed! This site should make my projects just a tab more neater and look better.
Comment by Rose Becker on January 5, 2015 at 8:28

As Linhas Varicôr não são fabricadas mais, porém as linhas ainda existentes precisam de cuidados especiais antes de usa-las.

No meu blog ofereço estas explicações.

Comment by Theresa Lee Halbert on April 28, 2014 at 17:30

I wanted a way to create my own shapes etc an could not find a specific tutorial on the web so I created my own...I think this would fall under the "Tutorials for Embellishments" category.

While this is specifically for "Fairy Wings"...It can be applied for anything. Flower pedals and leaves, fish fins, dragon scales, eye-glasses, cars..dresses...Just thinking of miscellaneous items....LOL.

It is a wonderful way to create a 3-d effect on a piece of fiber art. 

This my first tutorial and I hope to do more. I would appreciate feedback that would make me a better "instructor".

Cheers, Teri Halbert

Comment by Jules Woolford on March 25, 2014 at 9:47

I thought I'd add this post to the list. Not the usual sort of tutorial, but does explain a fun way to get your creativity flowing, using stitch and threads. Thread-doodling!

Might fit into the Miscellaneous section?

Comment by Sandy Jandik on March 23, 2014 at 14:44

I do like the site and am pleased that stitching is popular, since it is my favorite art but need to try to take a bigger part in the future. I get lazy.

Comment by Marina Hoffstrom on February 23, 2014 at 21:58

I have several tutorials related to freeform crochet and crochet on my blog.  My latest photo-tutorial is a scrumble based on a spiral

Comment by lakshmi on August 6, 2013 at 0:56

Thank you very much Sue Jones for the clarification..

Comment by Sue Jones on August 5, 2013 at 2:27

Lakshmi, your 'net knots' are not trellis stitch. They are a needle lace stitch usually called Double Brussels. It's a nice clear tutorial. 

Comment by lakshmi on August 4, 2013 at 23:50

in my new blog  i have given tutorial for variation of blanket stitch what we call it  as net knots..I am not sure whether it comes under the category of trellis stitch..will be glad if you let me know the name of the stitch

Comment by Mary Jane Tremblay on June 25, 2013 at 9:31

I have enough tutorials to keep me busy for a long,long time.I'm really enjoying them. I just found this site and I will definitely be  visiting here for a lot of information.

Comment by Shami Immanuel on June 4, 2013 at 7:02

Here is a tutorial for making a photo frame using PLASTIC CANVAS and crocheting.

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