I have been looking online to buy a pillow for making needlelace but can't find any in the U.S. -- just pillows for bobbin lace. I'm not very handy so would prefer not to have to make one. I know it sounds odd from someone who does needlework, but I hate to sew or make craft items and am not good at it, but I will make one if I have to. I see instructions for making a pillow in Valerie Grimwood's Introduction to Needlepoint Lace, but I don't know what the U.S. equivalent is for the U.K.'s "polystyrene wall lining" that she describes. The only type of polystyrene I've seen sold in the U.S. seems to be sold in board form. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Please look at my website for photos. Also look at the lacefairy website. I seem to remember that she has something on how to make a needlelace pillow. I think the url is I remember seeing instructions for one that involved taking a 2 pound coffee can (or oatmeal box) and removing both ends. Then you pad the outside with felt or cotton batting, deep enough to hold pins. Then cover with strong cotton cloth. There is something called polyethafoam available in the U.S. in long cylinders about 6 " diameter and 8 feet long. It is used to pad auto dashboards. The problem is, I don't think it is sold in small consumer type quantities. I bought one many years ago (don't have any left). But then you are stuck with 7.5 feet of the stuff.
Have you looked at any of the American bobbin lace suppliers? If somebody has a bolster bobbin lace pillow -- they are almost the same size as a needlelace bolster (perhaps a little bigger). Van Sciver Bobbin Lace, Snowgoose, lacemaker.
Thanks, Lorelei! I enjoyed your website (a lot there to take in) and the Lacemaker website does have a couple of pillows, a bolster and a flatter pillow, that should work. I looked for polyethafoam and you're right, it's hard to come by. I appreciate the help; I'm new to needlelace and have been collecting as much information as I can. There's a lot to figure out.
As you go, please show us pictures of your progress. I love to see people developing new skills.
Thanks for your interest! I will, but it will be awhile, since right now I'm preoccupied with learning filet guipure.


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