Does anyone want to join a swap for jan, we could do dragons for the chinese year of the dragon or I'm open for suggestions, it will have to be a quick sign up as we are already at the end of dec.

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I would like to sign up but Im new to fabric postcards so would need a quick tutorial on what exactly is expected

Hi Linda,

unfortunately I'm out for January......bit busy playing catch up !!!

cheers Teresa

 Yes, I'm in for"chinese dragons".  Helen

Hi Helen and emily welcome to the swap, sorry you can't join Teresa but hopefully we will see you in a future swap, Emily the swap is 1 pc with a swap partner, standard pc size, I will post the swap partners early jan.


Im reassonably competent in a few different types of embroidery, but I havent done a fabric pc before, is it a piece of embroidery, pc size, obviously 'chinese dragon' themed?


I would like to trade with you a dragon card.


Hi Linda

Dragon is my year, I'm in. Thanks

Hi Linda, just like the previous new member, I too would like to sign up but  would appreciate a quick tutorial on what exactly is expected.

Olá Linda! Estou viajando, por esse motivo, só vou poder participar do cartão a partir de fevereiro. Sucesso para todos e abraços Algecira

Julia, Patricia, Trillian and Kathryn I have you all on my list, welcome to the swap.

For all the newbies,

When the swap partners are posted you click on the member who you are swapping with and send a freinds request to them, you wait for a reply and then you can send a message to them through their page, this is where you can either request their email or address. Never post personal information on other members walls as this is open to everyone to see, always click on send a message.


When you have their address then you send the pc.

Hope this helps, if not email for more info. Algecira see you in the feb swap.

an I on your list?

I would love to be included in the swap. Does anyone know where I could get a nice dragon pattern.

Dragons are one of my favorites so this year will be great. I'm also going to be reading paranormal romance books that the stories revolve around dragons. Yay.Thank you. Brenda C.


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