Hi all opening up a discussion area for week 7 
This weeks stitch is on Pintangle here. Use this discussion to write share links photos etc

Dont forget to swing by Pintangle and leave your web address so non Stitchin fingers people can see what you have stitched 
Have fun!

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Friends,today I spent my afternoon making these :

There's more on my blog:


voici une photo  mon ouvrage,et + à cette adresse

le 14 février fête des Amoureux un  petit clin d'oeil pour la Saint Valentin


My sample(which has morphed into a little bag for my bits!

detatched chain


Sorry, I don't think that link was right?

Hope this is!

Week 7 detached chain

Spring time flowers! :-)

Here's my contribution to Week 7 -- a challenge to use the stitch for other than flowers. :-)  I also posted it on my blog, for a larger view. 


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