Hi all opening up a discussion area for week 5 ...Late I know sorry I forgot if ever I do it again anyone can start the discussion
Herringbone Stitch has been announced on Pintangle. Use this discussion to write share links photos etc

Dont forget to swing by and leave your web address so non stitchin fingers people can see what you have sampled 
Most of all have fun!

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It's been one of the longer weeks of my life, but still found time to stitch and post:

Here is my week 5  herringbone stitch (and all my others)

I posted my photos of Herrigbone stitch on my flickr

So another stitch will be announced tomorrow?  I'm new to this.  So it's Tuesday to Tuesday?

Yes Jackie, but this week Sharon has already announced the next stitch.

week 6.

Finished my block for Week 5 on Sunday evening -- just posted it to my album, but you can see it below.  I submitted to the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) as my February block.  :-)  I enjoyed this one much more than I did the Cretan Stitch!

Just posted my TAST Week 5 Herringbone Stitch on my blog:


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