Hi, All! 

Just curious regarding the features available here on Stitchin' Fingers, and which ones get used (or not).

Especially, I'd like to know if you use the chat feature at the bottom of the page? If it gets used a lot, it makes sense to keep it.

But if folks don't use it much, then I'm inclined to remove it, for these reasons: For those who use mobile devices, it can be somewhat bothersome because it floats up the screen. Also, I'd like to streamline certain features, because running different scripts to get certain features to work makes the sight slightly slower.

Any feedback you can give would be great!



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Hi Margaret just tried to search your name on the members page and came up with the same thing then instead of clicking on the advanced search I clicked the ( tennis racket?) between the box and the advanced search button, and it worked. Hope that helps.

Mary, I've never used it and communicate within the site by commenting, e-mails, messaging  and discussions.

Like the new look and the options for our page.


Thanks, Barbara!

Hi Mary,  I have used the "Mail Room" once in the year that I have been a member.  And, in fact, hardly see anyone else use it.  Maybe there is a more efficient way to incorporate immediate issues/messages than an active "Mail Room" menu.  I'll also add - looking at the memu of "members on line" does nothing for me.  I find that Stitchin Finger members actively participate (as, for me it is a daily check like my email). Knowing who is currently online may be less important than having the site work faster.  Thanks for asking members for suggestions.  Laurel

Hi Mary, I love the new look, thank you for all that you do. Personally I don't use the chat feature, if I want to talk to someone on the site I will send an email. I think I use just about everything else.


Hi Mary

I'm not always very attive on SF but I check in every day or two to see what is new.   When I log on I have a look at the leader board, some of the newly added pictures and browse the forum to see if there are any interesting new topics.  I have set my preferences to email me when there is activity on items I add, items I comment on or in my group also when someone comments on my page.

I have used chat only once or twice and would not miss it if removed.


I do not use the chat feature - thanks Mary Beard at

Hi Mary,

I am new to SF, only been around week or so.  You and SharonB created a great website.  I have gotten supportive help from members, made several new friends and really like peaking about the older photos.  

About those older photos, on the Main Page 'comments and likes' totals are shown under each photo.  I hope you would consider showing the comments and likes totals under the thumbprint photos displayed on pages found by the ALL function.  One, it is interesting to quickly view how an older listed photo was received by the SF members and 2) several times so many new photos are being uploaded that only hours or a day older posted photo is already moved onto the second (ALL) page (would be nice to see the comments and likes totals for such recent listed photos).

Thanks for continuing this website and oh, I hope the NeedlePainting group spins up to become a lively active group. 


Hi Mary

I love the fact that people from all over the world are sharing their embroideries. I live in a somewhat isolated area and it is always delightful to "drop-in" on what creative people are doing "out there". The photos are always my first stop and I view every new one that has been posted since I last looked. I'm always amazed at the variety and impressed by the "labour of love" so many creative people are putting into their work.

Hi Mary, I do not generally use the chat. I do use my phone to check into the site and it does make it more difficult to use.  So I would not miss it at all.  Generally when i check in I like to look at the photos posted. I also like to look at the forums and group discussions. I am still trying to find my way around the site and any thing you do to simplify it will be very much appreciated.   Thanks for asking.  Susan

Hi Mary, I don't use the chat feature either. I like the changes that you have made so far. I'm more of a lurker than anything, but if I have a question or comment on any thing then I join in. Really enjoy this sites wonderful talented and helpful people.

Dear Mary,

I'm recently new to SF myself but I love so much of it already and I wonder why I hadn't found this place sooner. My favorite part is the pictures simply because I love to see what's out there and it's a great bit of inspiration too to see all the different designs. Then as Margaret said the groups are a great place to meet people who have similar interests.

I also have to agree about the chat box, I don't particularly care for it popping up on me and it doesn't seem like a lot of people use either.


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