I am so excited!! I am going on my first Stitching Retreat in 11 days. I have the "supply list" from the Guild, but thought I would ask if any of your have any recommendations on items to bring or not to bring. It is for 5 days and I know that I need to have enough projects. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all - Dee

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I go away for a week at a time to learn Japanese Embroidery, its wonerful someone cooks for you, makes your bed and washes up. All you have to do is wash sleep eat and stitch. The best bit is you get to spend lots of time with self like people and you learn a lot. Looking foward to my next week :-)) Were are you going?
We are going to Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. It is about an hour away so there is not a lot of drive time. I have never heard of Japanese Embroidery. I will have to look that up on the Internet.
Dee there is a Japanese embroidery group here on stitchin fingers - just go to groups and you will find them. If you look at some of the members pages you will see examples of this type of embroidery. It truly is beautiful.
Sharonb - you are correct - this is truly beautiful. I would love to eventually love to learn how to do this. By the way, thank you so much for creating this site and your daily blogs with the progress on your latest crazy quilt. It is truly beautiful within itself.
Check out the Japanese Embroidery Group on this site it also give you links to several sites. Also have a look at some of the people in the group as they have bloggs and are worth looking at. It amazing to look at and even better to stitch. I love it at the moment I am aabout half way though my jounrey learning Japanese Embroidery.
Sue - The Group pictures are truly amazing. I am sure it has taken you sometime to learn how to perform these delicate stitches. It is now on my "bucket list" of things to do.
If you look on this web site it has all the information you need to know about learning Japanese Embroidery
I saw this website this weekend. I believe that I also saw a lady at the State Fair of Texas this past year that had a booth demonstrating this art and form. I sat there is total awe watching her. I did see where they had a class in Austin but not in Dallas. Austin is close to where I am from and where my family still lives.
I used to go to two- and three- day conferences and had a "personal" list after the first year. One thing I was never sorry to pack was a portable light. Even the best classrooms will have darkish areas and you will want to stitch in your bedroom at night I'm sure. Since an Ott Light needs to be plugged in, I also packed an extension cord and/or power strip. Don't forget an extra sweater - you probably know that. ;-)
Thank you Liz - I have also placed on my list extra batteries for my portable light. I have not purchased an Ott Light as of yet but would like to.
Have a wonderful time you lucky person.
Thank you Jennie. I am just so excited that I can hardly sit down or sleep!!


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