There's been interest expressed in a group for Needlepainting. This is rather a tricky grouping, because needlepainting techniques can fall under other types of embroidery (Japanese embroidery, for example, Chinese embroidery, ecclesiastical embroidery, goldwork and silk embroidery...)

I'm assuming this group would be devoted to needlepainting in the sense of creating realistic looking embroideries that look as if they are painted, using a variety of techniques, primarily long and short stitch shading.

The group would be a place to discuss techniques, tips, resources, instructors, materials, and so forth, related specifically to needlepainting. 

I'm not 100% sure such a group is entirely necessary, since there's already a group on hand  embroidery in general, and needlepainting falls under hand embroidery. Discussions related to needlepainting can always be held in the surface embroidery group.

BUT - I'm open to hearing what YOU think. Should there be a separate group for needlepainting? Can you think of specific advantages to having a group dedicated just to needlepainting? 

And finally, if you are interested in such a group, please raise your hand and let me know. If there is enough interest, then we can get one started. There also has to be a willing moderator available.

I await your input!


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I'm interested in joining this group. I would like to start at the beginning, for instance, the type of fabric, floss, how to choose shades for the best effect., etc.

If this group gets going you can count me in although as Carol-Anne says it really will overlap what I am in already.  

It's already set up, Grace.  Come along and join in!=)


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