This seems a little odd. It seems that for the last few days as I have commented on various photos or in a group my comments have not been added to my page. Is this happening with anyone else?

Is it just because I redesigned my page? In which case how do I change it?


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OK This (the above comments) has come up on my page but comments on Photos have not.

I have the same problem, when people comment on a photo, it will not update on my page

Ok, thanks for letting me know. It's probably something I need to change in the settings. I'll check on it.

Ok, it's fixed, I think. Do feel free to let me know if you encounter any other problems!

same with me .I have not redesigned , still it is not updating my comments :( 

Still not fixed :(

Make sure that in your "settings" on your own page, you've gone through the "privacy" setting area to say what you want to appear and what you don't want to appear. There's not a photo element in there, but in case your comments from forums and groups aren't showing up, you can change that in your "settings" on  your personal page. 

Mine is fixed, I had a comment come through on my page this morning. Thank you Mary

Mine is also fixed...Thank you .


My page is fixed and all is well. Thank you!!


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