There's been some interest expressed for a knitting group on Stitchin' Fingers. In order for this to happen, I need to know:

1. How much interest is there? (If you are interested, please post a reply below saying so)

2. Is there anyone who wants to step forward as group moderator? (Each group must have a moderator...)

Let me know if there are any takers! 


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Yes, me too!  To be honest though, many groups are really rather quiet...=(

Mary, I posted you about starting a group for knitters before reading these comments. I thought Knitter Natter would be a good catch-all term for general hand knitting, which, as I mentioned, is undergoing a resurgence as a craft. I know nothing of ravelry and I did notice a group for board and in-the-round knitting, but none using two hands and two or more knitting needles.   I also offered to take on moderating duties.  So if the members who have shown interest are willing, we could start something here. Alas, I've lost the cable that connects my camera with my PC, so I can't post a photo of work.   Can't even upload a photo of my elderly face.   I've been knitting since childhood; that's over 60 years now.  I finished my first sweater when I was 11.  Mastered Fair Isle, Aran, lace as in feather-and-fan and a host of other stitches and techniques.  I'd be glad to share these with members of a knitting group and learn other members' tips and tricks.   Suzy Campbell


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