There's been some interest expressed for a knitting group on Stitchin' Fingers. In order for this to happen, I need to know:

1. How much interest is there? (If you are interested, please post a reply below saying so)

2. Is there anyone who wants to step forward as group moderator? (Each group must have a moderator...)

Let me know if there are any takers! 


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Yes, I'd join.

Thanks, Elizabeth! :-) Well, that apparently makes two, if you count me. Unfortunately, I don't knit much! 

I always have several knitting projects close at hand. cannot live without it. I'd be interested. Right now I'm busy knitting a fisherman's sweater, a set of owls, a bear, several scarves, a sheep, a mouse and tea cosiesl.

So, three thus far.  Wasn't there also someone suggesting the same thing on a previous thread?

From what I can remember, people will tend to join groups when they exist, rather than putting their hands up beforehand.

There is already a knitting group although they describe the group as being "For anyone who knits in the round or on a knitting board."

It would be for that group to decide, of course, but why not broaden the scope of that group to include all knitting rather than estabish a second knitting group.  You can have seperate discussions within a group to cover different topics, categories or styles.

Groups are great - I'm a member of lots of groups - but I think having too many and several that overlap by a long way could subdivide the community rather than bringing together those with similar interests. 

I agree, Carol-Anne! Thanks for your input!

Yes, I agree too.  I confess that, when I have a yarn craft related query, I go to ravelry....

I agree, Carol-Anne.  I think the fact that this group has not grown and others not created suggests the level of interest.  There are so many groups available for knitters, i.e. ravelry, knitting paradise, etc.  I even check out Russian and foreign language knitting sites when I'm looking for knit and crochet inspiration.  I don't think another one is needed here.  

I have just begun teaching myself how to knit, so if it would be helpful / informative for newbies, I'd be interested!

I'd love to join

Count me in...i knit every it...I also do counted cross stitch, crewel, needlepoint, quilt...Anything to do with working with fabrics and threads

There is a crochet group also on this site, but like the knitting one it is very quiet
I use this forum for my embroidery and Ravelry for knitting / crochet as it has dozens of specialist groups


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