Hi, Everyone!

As you know from Sharon's note yesterday, her blog post on Pintangle, and perhaps my blog post this morning on Needle 'n Thread, in 2013, Sharon is handing over the running of Stitchin' Fingers to me in January. I'm excited about this!

I've been a member here on Stitchin' Fingers since its launch, but admittedly, I haven't been too active. Still, I've popped in every few days to see what's happening and to soak up some of the ever-present inspiration from your projects and discussions. And I've occasionally joined in discussions and posted photos as well.

Stitchin' Fingers is already an active, strong community of textile enthusiasts, and I plan for it to remain that way. 

And that brings me to YOU. Because this is a community, your input and ideas are very important to me. Please feel completely free to contact me with questions, ideas, suggestions, concerns - anything that you feel needs to be addressed or that you think would help improve the Stitchin' Fingers experience for all. Do you already have some ideas in mind? Let me know! Are there any aspects of the site's layout or organization that you think can be improved? I'm all ears! You can contact me using the message feature here on Stitchin' Fingers, or directly through my website, Needle 'n Thread, or you can join in this discussion and leave a comment below!

I'm looking forward to "meeting" you and interacting with you here on Stitchin' Fingers in the new year.

With all my best wishes for a happy 2013 for all!

~Mary Corbet

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To me Sharon has created one of the best and most active sites here for stitching enthusiasts of all levels that I have found.  I have enjoyed the photos posted, the groups and the helpful tutorials shared.  When I have tried to learn a new skill or technique, I have been able to find so many diverse and knowledgeable people on this site willing to help.  I would miss StitchinFingers if it were no longer available and I am so glad it is being passed on to you Mary.  Like many of the others I have followed your blog, respect your skills and learned much from you.  I wish all the best to Sharon in her future endeavors.  She is such a talented stitcher and I am sure she will be successful in whatever she takes on. glad to join you on this site.

Welcome and best wishes Mary.  I love your daily blog and am sure that SF with you will be good too.  I hope that Sharon has a good holiday and will be hearing from her often too, please give our thanks to her for all she has done for us.  Look forward to your tips on how to do better in SF  -  am not a techie either, so any help will be a joy.  Very best wishes for 2013 and Stitchinfingers.    Peggy

Mary, I love your site 'Needle n Thread' and Sharon's stitch dictionary introduced me to the wonderful world that is embroidery. I owe lots to Sharon all that she's done and is still doing. Thank you both for sharing your talent, time, and enthusiasm for embroidery.

Welcome to your new post running Stitchin fingers... (I think I got that right) Thank you for taking the responsibility and time to develop the site... I can't think of anything as yet... but I'm excited for you both ...

Will we still be getting a weekly challenge? I look forward every week to getting the forum's Take a Stitch Tuesday's. Is Sharon going to carry on with that too and do I just have to wait till she gets back from Holiday? 

Hi, Lydia - Sharon will still be around here on Stitchin Fingers, and I think she is still planning on keeping TAST going through her website. I'm sure she'll let us know the details when she gets back! MC
I look forward to N&T every day as a new embroiderer! Thanks for all your help, looking forward to new challenges & learning here as well!


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