Hi, Everyone!

As you know from Sharon's note yesterday, her blog post on Pintangle, and perhaps my blog post this morning on Needle 'n Thread, in 2013, Sharon is handing over the running of Stitchin' Fingers to me in January. I'm excited about this!

I've been a member here on Stitchin' Fingers since its launch, but admittedly, I haven't been too active. Still, I've popped in every few days to see what's happening and to soak up some of the ever-present inspiration from your projects and discussions. And I've occasionally joined in discussions and posted photos as well.

Stitchin' Fingers is already an active, strong community of textile enthusiasts, and I plan for it to remain that way. 

And that brings me to YOU. Because this is a community, your input and ideas are very important to me. Please feel completely free to contact me with questions, ideas, suggestions, concerns - anything that you feel needs to be addressed or that you think would help improve the Stitchin' Fingers experience for all. Do you already have some ideas in mind? Let me know! Are there any aspects of the site's layout or organization that you think can be improved? I'm all ears! You can contact me using the message feature here on Stitchin' Fingers, or directly through my website, Needle 'n Thread, or you can join in this discussion and leave a comment below!

I'm looking forward to "meeting" you and interacting with you here on Stitchin' Fingers in the new year.

With all my best wishes for a happy 2013 for all!

~Mary Corbet

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Welcome Mary  :) We'll miss Sharon as admin, but we know you'll do a great job as well. Kudos to Sharon as well for knowing what's right for her as she moves into the future.

Thanks, arlee!!

Hi Mary, no one better to do the job than you. Congrats. Jeannette S.

Mary, I do believe I would follow you anywhere!  I am very excited that you introduced me to Stitchin Fingers.  I am agog...


Welcome Mary, I love your blog, and I'm sure you'll do a great job here. Sharon is of course missed, and I think she created something fantastic.

Look forward to have you here.

Mary, you posted and we followed :)  Really looking forward to exploring here!

Cathy in PA

Congratulations Mary we have quite  influx of new members since the announcement 


Big waves and smiles 

Welcome to a great site so many exciting and varied textiles, great to have you on board.

Thanks to sharonb for a job well done

I'm still struggling to figure out how to get the most out of this site. There are so many fantastic things and so much inspiration, but I am not sure how to really get involved. I'd love some more suggestions on how to better use the site and some more instructions. I can embroider, but am not a techie!

Hello Mary,

Knowing you'll be the admin of stitchin fingers will make posting projects even more intimidating to me. I owe you and Needle and Thread almost half of what I know as far as embroidery is concerned - without you and your YouTube videos I'd still be in the Dark Ages of Trials and Errors. I'm so glad to see you here, though. Your presence I'm sure will bring along even more passion and ideas. I wish you and Sharon all the best for 2013 (and long live Stitchin Fingers !)

Welcome, Mary, to stitchin fingers.  I have followed your blog for years and always loved it.  This will be the perfect place for you.  We will miss Sharon, of course, but she has other paths to follow.  Good luck with sf, and have a wonderful holiday season.


Hi Mary,
It's nice to have you here on SF
Sharon, although you will no longer be at the helm I am sure you will pop in from time to time, post pictures and take part in discussions.
Like Margo I am not really sure how to use SF apart from posting pictures and commenting on others' work. Some tips and instructions would be welcome.


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