Hello Everyone,

I would love to learn how to create a Needle Lace Oya Flower but I can not find any reference to how to do this.  I know information on this is rare but I am hoping someone out there would have some information/book or could share their experience in making one. Also maybe there is also an instructor in needle lace that someone can refer me too?

Thanks Hugs Judy

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Hello Judy, I had not heard of this until this post.  I found these two references from many on Google.  Lorelei will hopefully be along presently with lots more information.  I have very little experience in different lace techniques, but having seen this I feel it's a technique that you would find easy to do and a pleasure to behold the finished result.  Good luck.  The book from eBay looks interesting.  Enjoy.



Have you checked out the list of Books and Resources on the OYA page of needlelacetalk?  There are several books and some links there. 


Hi Judy,

I got so excited to hear another foreign Lady would like to learn our traditional needle lace.  I love to used flower type oyas on my crazy quilts and upon hişgh interest I started to sell them via my online store. Please visit my Etsy store to see a book called "Oya Culture since Ottomans" that is a good one with English oya making instructions.  

Best wishes from Istanbul,


Hello Rengin, My Friend.  I bought some OYA Flowers from you several years ago but I did not know you had a book on how to make them in English.  How fantastic.  Thanks so much for your lovely reply.  Hugs Judy

Hi Judy. Do you know the book "The Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery"in there is a good explanation of needle lace, maybe not the flower you want but there is a good description of the technique.

Good luck


Hi Judy,

I happened to see this oya lace on a blog site. Since I didn't know what it was I browsed the web to know more about it. I saw a request from a 'stitchinfingers' friend only then. So here is a rather good blogsite I came across. It's 'couchcrochetcrumbs' . I had a look at the youtube video she had uploaded. I think it might help you to get a better idea of how to do it. Hope this is useful to you. Good luck.



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