Hi, y'all out there in Stitching Fingers Land. I'm new!

I am from Texas as many of you may have guessed. I am an arts and crafter and have been for as long as I can remember. I have completed several college degrees. One was in art and advertising, which I have never used professionally. I do all types of arts and crafts when I get the time.

I am retired from my first career and 8 years into my 2nd one. Retirement was NOT for me. I now have the privilege of working for Big Brothers Big Sisters-Lone Star, the largest BBBS organization in the world. It is the most rewarding adventure of my life!

I live on a small ranch-350 acres, with my husband of 32 years, 7 dogs, numerous horses and about 100 head of cattle. I have one adult daughter who is married to a wonderful guy. No grandchildren yet, but several great nieces and nephews that we love dearly.

2011 was a very stressful and sad year for me as I lost my Dad, who was my Hero. He was diagnosed with cancer in March and went to Heaven on September 30. 2 weeks after his passing my Mom had a vehicle accident and was in the hospital for a week before going into a rehab hospital for 3 weeks for physical therapy to be able to walk again. She then came home with me for 4 more weeks to continue to recoup. Fortunately God was with us and she is now much improved and back in her own home.

My husband and I are workaholics and have made the decision to slow down and enjoy life in 2012. We bought a new travel trailer for camping late in 2011 and are determined to use it this year. I decided that embroidery would be an easy thing to do while traveling and camping. Luckily, I stumbled upon the TAST site in December and signed up.

I have not been able to upload photos of my TAST stitches as I received a new camera for Christmas and am still learning to use it. I do love looking at all the wonderful works the other TASTers are posting! Be patient with me as it has been at least 35 years since I have attempted to use an SLR camera. Also, my TAST stitching is very basic as it has been many years since I have done any embroidery. I am enjoying participating, nevertheless! STITCH ON!

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Hi and welcome to the group!  Looking forward to seeing your pics.  Glad you found your way back to embroidery!

Hello, like you I also stumbled onto this site by chance and feel lucky eversince. Enjoy your slower phase of life and stitching.

Thanks Emily and Salmah! I am very glad that we all found the site and the challenge! I hope that we are all able to continue and finish the stitches. I have every confidence that we will succeed! Happy stitching.


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