I'm from the Chicago area.  I enjoyed working different varieties of needlework in my youth and when my kids were babies, but then life got too busy for too many years, and I couldn't find the time.  Now the babies are grown and out on their own, and I'm returning to this love (with slightly stiffer fingers and eyesight not as sharp!).  I'm so happy to have found this website and forum.  The photos of everyone's work are incredibly beautiful, and almost intimidating!  I am a beginner all over again, and I'm not sure I "belong" here, but I know I will gain much from listening to you all and seeing your work.  Thank you!  

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I , too, am a new member and am starting over on handwork after many years of a demanding career. I am also intimidated by the BEAUTIFUL work that other members are producing. I am sure your work is outstandinging as well!

Hello Linda, and welcome.  I'm a Linda as well, living in rural Queensland, Australia.  I hope you will enjoy your time here, it is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people.  I seem to have been stitching for all of my adult life, even when my children were small.  I was a stay at home mother, too far from anywhere to get a job!!  Take care, happy stitching.

Linda, Don't feel intimidated - feel inspired!


This is the best place to get answwers from helpful people and we all started off as learners!!

Best wishes


Hi LINDA, You will love more and more this site and feel very at home on it - and moreover learn a lot - I am talking out of experience, LOL.:-D

Greetings from Germany



Thank you for the lovely welcome, everyone!  Happy to be here.

I am new to Linda, so we will enjoy this together. So far am spending way to long looking through this amazing site. Welcome.

Hi Linda, I am from the Chicago area too, and now retired to northern Wisconsin. Your story is about like mine, I also didn't have time for a lot while raising my children, (they still live in the Chicago area), now that I am retired I have all the time I want, and I stitch at least 4 hours a day, with arthritis in my hands and my eyes, it actually helps with the soreness. You will love this site, sooooooo many talented people. Happy Stitching

Everyone who loves embroidery belongs to this site! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, or a certified instructor of embroidery, you will enjoy seeing everyone's embroider pieces and you will definitely be inspired! I am amazed at how many talented people share their gorgeous work o this site. Also, you will come to know people's work as their "brand" or their unique character. It is fun. I still work at a demanding job (long hours) but this site and my embroidery give me the most relaxation and inspiration from a busy office life. Retirement in 4 years!!!

Linda and Mickey,  welcome to this website.  Most of us I am sure went through that period of "being too busy" with other things to continue our love for embroidery but I am sure it will all come back to you with practice.  These websites and forums are really superb in that we are certain to find friends from all over the world with the same tastes and you gain friends and knowledge at the same time.  I am sure you will enjoy "meeting" all of us.  


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