Hi Everyone,

My name is Sandy and I am new to this site, but so far really enjoying it!

I love needlework, especially Hardanger.  I am a self taught leftie who learned with the help of Janice Love's books.

I am wanting to graph out a design, well actually I did graph one but it isn't translating to the cloth.

Can anyone tell me what size the graph paper should be for 28 count?  Is there any help for how to graph?



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You won't get an actual-size graph paper (unless you make your own with a computer art program) and it would be very fiddly to work on. If you are using the usual 4x4 thread blocks (ie kloster blocks in fives, over four threads) then you get 28/4 = 7 blocks per inch on the fabric, So multiply the finished size you want (in inches) by 7 for the number of blocks. I always plot my patterns on a block-by-block basis rather than thread-by-thread. If it's not a huge design, squared exercise-book paper is easier than graph paper at that scale. I tend to start Hardanger by marking a light "x" in every other square in every other row of the pattern area. Then I know those marked squares are are squares that it's possible to cut. Darken in some of the x-marked squares to make the pattern of holes you want.

The squares immediately surrounding the holes have to be either bars or blocks. (This is for the normal-sized grid - if you want to put large cutwork motifs in, you need to adjust things to suit them, so that's not ideal for a first charting project.) Then make sure there's a block at each end of every row of holes, in all four directions. (The stitches must be end-on to the hole, not side-on, of course.) Never darken two consecutive squares - you need a square left for a bar between them.

Once your holes are fixed in the grid, and those vital supporting blocks are drawn in, you can decide how to arrange the rest of the surface stitchery, the decorations on the grid and so forth and know it will 'work'. It's best to practice charting with small motifs first, to get the hang of it, but it's not difficult once you are used to it.

Good luck with your designing. I hope this is some help!

what great info from Sue and you will not go wrong with the Janice Love books,   that is where I learnt hardanger from too.   Now I do not graph anything just work straight on the fabric.   Happy experimenting

I just use an ordinary mathematics graph paper and bear in mind that the graph will be larger than the finished stitching.  

I'm puzzled as to why your pattern didn't work out as, as long as everything meets up fully on the squares (and it doesn't matter at all what size graph paper you use - what matters is making sure your lines cover the correct number of holes/squares) it should also on the fabric.

The only other thing I think worth mentioning is, do your larger areas that will have cutwork first as those are the ones that need to match up perfectly.  You can then fit in any extra motifs.

Thereis a free pattern software, very easy to use, and you can graph your Hardanger pattern very well. In the first link you can see the kind of patterns the software can do:

And here is the link to download the free version:

I use Pattern Maker to design my Hardanger patterns, but any cross stitch software can do this.

Thanks Paula.  I just downloaded the free software.

Welcome. If you need any help with the patterns, feel free to ask!

I can't figure out much about editing the pictures. I have one of my daughter skating at roller derby and the finished size is about 33 inches one way (didn't even bother converting the other side because of the size) and would print out in 19 sheets. That was using 18 ct Adia  In what order do you stitch the pages?

For hardanger you do not use the picture function. Just start the pattern, drawing the stitches. It is necessary to read the help files. The size of the design it is measured by the count in your fabric, not the size of the graph. I am uploading the User Manual .




Do you know how to make the background void so you can show the cutout stitches on the graph?  I am trying to add the cut work into the graph.

Thanks for your time.

You put a white backstitch over the grid, in the places to be cut out .I've made an example, using Pattern Maker. Feel fre to use the pattern, it is a very nice sachet!


Can this be done with the KG free program?  The Pattern Maker program that you use is the cross stitch version?


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